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Projection from Bedroom to Street (Astral Body on Physical Plane)

AC 216: November 28, 2002 (Boston)

I was awakened this morning by a car alarm that, while not loud, was insistent enough to enter my sleep and disturb it--even though I was wearing earplugs. The car alarm had the same effect as an alarm clock would have had--I was unable to remember my dreams after waking up, despite the fact that I could recall having had several.

What I do recall, however, is projecting myself out of body and onto the street below my apartment to see what was the matter, whether an actual robbery might be going on. I saw no one. The street was icy and cold--we’d had several inches of snow the night before. The light was just beginning to come into the sky. I saw a car’s headlights on South Street reflected in the windows of an apartment building there as it passed.

All of my sense impressions were extremely clear and vivid, including the feeling of standing in my body on the street. I had an inkling that there was something I should be doing, some place that I should be going, now that I was out of body. But I was immediately pulled back to my physical body in the bedroom, and awoke because of my annoyance at the car alarm.

It was 6:40 A.M. Usually at that hour there would have been a little more traffic on South Street than I saw during my brief projection. But what I did see makes sense, because it’s Thanksgiving Day. Most people would still be at home, asleep, since they don’t need to go to work today.

The thing that I was trying to remember to do may have been to go into the Afterdeath Zone. My friend Elizabeth has a friend whose husband just died in a car accident. She has called me several times to leave messages about wanting to get my insight into this event.

On the one hand, it’s too bad that the car alarm woke me before I could have gone on to Otherwhere. On the other, I’m glad to have had an out-of-body experience that was as vivid as this one was. Others I’ve had during the last year have been less clear than this one was, and even a little jumbled.

I remember reading something in the Seth material recently about how much more clearly the senses can seem to function in an out-of-body state than in ordinary waking consciousness. It was good to have a taste of that clarity to counteract the belief that was beginning to form in me that out-of-body experiences are by nature jumbled and vague. I think now that my former experiences lacked clarity because I wasn’t sufficiently present (or awake) in them to know what was going on. In the present experience, however, I was.