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Message from a Facilitator (Astral Plane)

AC 224: June 13, 2003 (Boston)

A gentle psychic pressure from the Other Side--a Facilitator tries to make contact with me. The Facilitator appears in the dream as a small black whale, about the size of a minke whale. The “whale” gently nudges my foot in the old signal that my mother used to use (and that one of my Guides also used to use, as I wrote in Otherwhere) to get me to wake up in the morning to go to school.

Just prior to this contact, I’d been having a dream that had the feel of Otherwhere about it, yet still seemed to be a dream. It concerned my resistance to visiting Barbara in the Afterdeath Zone.

The dream told me that she’ll get all the help she needs from the Facilitators in charge of the various stations of the Afterlife she’ll have to go through. She doesn’t need my help.

Even so, I found my several visits to Merle after he committed suicide with a drug overdose (which I wrote about in Part III of The Unanswered Question), distressing. I’ve assumed that visits to Barbara would affect me in the same way.

The dream encouraged me to overcome this distress. A series of visits to Barbara would help me perceive a sense of continuity, an order to the stations of the Afterlife, that I wouldn’t necessarily glean from the apparently random visits I usually make to people I don’t know.

I think I had this dream in connection with the Facilitator’s visit. Either the dream information was conveyed through the touch of the Facilitator; or, having had the dream, perhaps under the guidance of mental influence of the Facilitator, he or she made an attempt to communicate with me directly. Perhaps I was even supposed to go with the Facilitator to visit Barbara in the Afterlife.

My contact with the Facilitator’s higher level of consciousness was pleasurable. It felt like a quiet ecstasy. But I couldn’t seem to rouse myself out of the dream into a more aware state of consciousness. [I was stuck in the astral body.]

The environment of the dream seemed to be a kind of lock, an enclosed space between land and ocean. Locks are used to step levels of water up or down, depending on the direction of travel. So it seems that the Facilitator was trying to step up my level of consciousness. I must have been at the Boundary between the Dream Zone (land) and Otherwhere (ocean).

Someone else was there with me--a man who appeared to be both intrigued and frightened. He was gripping a grid work with clenched fingers.

I’ve had dreams like this before, in which a similar figure represented my emotional reactions to the presence of someone from Otherwhere. I was literally beside myself. Part of me was open to such contact. Another part of me was clutching the grid work of ordinary consciousness in terror, not wanting to let it be altered.

Charles has said that we humans are so addicted to physical reality that we’ll often find contact with a nonphysical being to be terrifying. Because it exists outside of time and space as we know them, it seems alien to us.

The contact with the Facilitator was warm and friendly-- inviting and welcoming, rather than commanding. It was both patient and amused at my not quite being able to rise to the occasion (in terms of level of consciousness).

Back in the mid-1980s, when I first began to record and number my adventures in consciousness, I had several encounters like this. I believed that they were with the actual consciousnesses of dolphins or whales. Later, I realized that I’d been mistaken.

The dolphins were Facilitators, the whales Overseers. The pattern of their consciousness was so far in advance of mine and so unfamiliar to me that it felt alien, as I imagined a dolphin or whale consciousness would feel. So I represented these alien consciousnesses to myself in the more familiar form of dolphins and whales.

Just as dolphins and whales come in various sizes, so do Facilitators and Overseers. What I interpret as size, however, reflects the degree of evolution of their consciousness. A minke whale-sized consciousness would be a very advanced Facilitator, one that was perhaps approaching the Overseer level of development.