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Rash of Mini-OBEs (Etheric Body)

AC 223: May 31, 2003 (Boston)

At some point during the wee hours of the night I ended up making several attempts to get out of body. The results were mixed.

I kept finding the conditions right for an OOB and trying to take advantage of them. I’d have the feeling of falling through a trapdoor of consciousness into another level, which is a typical way for my OOBs to initiate themselves. [Transferring consciousness to the etheric body.]

I had a vague sense of my bedroom, perceived in an OOB state, while my physical eyes were closed. I also had a sense of passing through layers of vibrations, some rougher than others, and a state of consciousness that I represented to myself as a swamp. [Probably the astral body, which can get thick and swampy with our own and others’ emotional toxicity.]

My physical body jerked around at several points during this rash of mini-OOBs, as if shaking off some of the tensions stored in it. Charles has said that OOBs can serve that purpose. During an OOB, the body consciousness is temporarily free of the controls often exerted over it by the ego. [This often occurs when the focus of consciousness has shifted to the etheric body.]

I’ve had similar rashes of mini-OOBs during afternoon naps, but rarely at night--or else I don’t remember them when they’ve occurred at night. I wonder whether I was using these mini-OOBs to release tension, or whether I was preparing for some other kind of experience--which either didn’t come or which I don’t remember (or which is to occur some other night?).