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Taking Stock (Causal Body)

AC 222: May 22, 2003 (Boston)

This dream had the flavor of an adventure in consciousness. But I don’t recall it very clearly now.

It involved a process of taking stock of various aspects of who I am. I was going down a checklist, reading statements about myself, feeling deep into myself to see whether they were true, then checking them off if this were so. I was comparing myself to the soul’s master plan for my growth. [Detailed awareness of this plan is only possible in the causal body.]

I wonder if this experience is related somehow to the previous one, which occurred about ten days ago. In that experience I heard a sound like a chime that I was told represented the call of the Source.

My informant told me that the Source poses two questions: Who are you? and What is your place?  In the present “adventure,” I seemed to be taking stock of who I am.