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Invisible Hands (Etheric Body)

AC 219: March 16, 2003 (Boston)

The day before I had this experience a friend called to say that he’d had an unusual experience of his own. He was lying on his couch in the late afternoon and suddenly had the impression that I was present in the room behind him. He felt the touch of a hand on his shoulder, which he took to be mine. He immediately sat up and looked around to see whether I was there.

My friend called me right away, leaving a message that made it sound as if he was shaken. I spoke with him later that evening.

I hadn’t been taking a nap at that time, so I doubted that his visitor had been me while out of body. To my knowledge, I hadn’t even been thinking about him--certainly not in the sustained way that might have led to a projection of consciousness.

This afternoon, while taking a nap, I felt an invisible hand grasping me by the wrist, as if to pull me out of body. The attempt was not successful.

I used to have these sensations fairly regularly during naps, I believe in the late 1980s and early 1990s. But I haven’t thought about them for a while. Until this afternoon, they hadn’t recurred.

I assume that something of thist nature was happening to my friend. Perhaps he represented a nonphysical Guide to himself as me because I’ve been something of a guide to him in real life.

[We must have been in the etheric body to sense the touch of a Guide from a higher plane. If we were in the astral body, we would probably have picked up more information about the Guide, or seen him or her.]