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Chat with the Soul of an Unborn Child (Real-Time Zone, Astral Body)

AC 247: July 22, 2005 (Haydenville, MA)

I was staying at the house of some friends, Steve and Beth, a recently married couple. Beth is seven months pregnant. I was sleeping on the first floor in Steve's music studio. Steve and his wife were sleeping on the third floor, which also includes their open-space living room, dining room, and kitchen.

In the dream, I'm sitting on the couch in Steve and Beth's living room. I don't remember going out of body or whether I was dreaming anything else before this point. I was simply there.

Steve and Beth's bedroom is right behind the couch and I have a full view of the living room and kitchen table. Somehow I know that Beth is having trouble sleeping because of digestive difficulties. So I tell her, "Sit up. You can make the heartburn go away if you just let yourself burp. Then you should be able to go back to sleep."

While I'm saying this to Beth, I'm thinking "Am I really having this conversation?" There's something funny about it. It seems to be telepathic.

All of a sudden, a little being about a foot high comes swirling into the room. The being has clear outlines, so I can see through it. It also seems to be female, childlike, but much more aware and mobile than a child of similar size would be--like a rugrat that can fly.

This little being is full of mischief and keeps flying around the room and stopping abruptly to see whether my attention is following her. Meanwhile, she communicates to me telepathically. She says, "I can't believe that you can see me. Steve can't see me at all. Beth only catches the least last traces of my presence, like the tail of a meteor."

While this communication is going on, the being is tearing around the kitchen table. I ask what her name is. At first she says, "Buddha," in a teasing tone. This is the name of Steve's cat, but maybe also a joke about her Buddha nature, as the soul of a child in nonphysical reality before birth. Then she says "Virginia," which doesn't sound like the name that Steve and Beth want to give their child, if it's a girl. (They never had the tests done to see whether they're having a boy or girl.) But I can't remember what they want to call her.

"Virginia" seems to be a wise and playful spirit, full of abundant energy. I get the feeling that she might run circles around Steve and Beth in terms of spiritual wisdom. Maybe she meant that too when she called herself Buddha.

At one point, "Virginia" fades out, as if all of her energy has been pulled out of the form I've been seeing. The outline hangs in the air for a moment and then collapses into a fine, film-like pile of dust. I hear these words in my head as it fades: "This is all that Beth senses of me--the moment my presence is there and then gone."

I shared this dream with Steve and Beth in the morning over breakfast. Beth was convinced that I had "been there" and that this had actually happened. She said that since becoming pregnant, she has often experienced digestive discomfort at night, wakes herself up, and lets herself burp to relieve it. I knew nothing about this problem beforehand.

Also, the description of the energy of the child in my dream seemed to her to match the energy she has experienced of the baby growing within her, kicking, moving around, and so on. She has been certain for some time that she's going to have a girl.

The really strange thing is the name Virginia. It seems to have been another joke--but only Beth knew what it meant. As a girl, she and two of her playmates would take turns using the name Virginia when one of them wanted to playact being a movie star.

In my dream, maybe the child being's message was that she would be the star of Steve and Beth's lives--a pretty obvious message for first-time parents. And yet I couldn't have known of the very personal association Beth had between the name Virginia and being a star.

[Steve and Beth’s baby was born on September 24, 2005. Much to everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be a boy. My friends had been so sure that they were going to have a girl that they didn’t have a name to give him.

I too had believed that their child would be a girl. Looking back on this experience, however, I wonder whether there was a hidden message in the playful child spirit’s having told me first that its name was Buddha, since the Buddha was male. That was not the name they finally decided to give him, however--no doubt wisely.]