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Invisible Helpers Class (Upper Mental Plane, Causal Body)

AC 254: March 23, 2006 (Boston)

I was with three other beings. We were floating above the Earth, maybe ten miles out, just beyond some kind of threshold. It was probably the point where the Dream Zone gives way to the rest of Otherwhere. I perceived it as something like the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space, but it was really a state of consciousness, very high and clear.

We were all seated in full lotus posture, which I’ve never been able to do physically. Two of my companions were students, like me, but possibly more advanced.

The fourth being was our Mentor. His function was to teach, assign duties, provide support between missions, and act as the supervisor of our team. He had lots of wild gray hair and a full beard, resembling a cross between Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (founder of the Transcendental Meditation movement) and Jerry Garcia.

I suppose that I represented him to myself in this form because he was a master of some transcendental state of consciousness, and his function involved helping the dead (for which they were, of course, grateful).

As we sat there above the Earth, one of my companions would suddenly blip out of view for a moment and then reappear. I understood this to mean that he or she had gone on a mission somewhere on Earth and returned. Then it was my turn.

Suddenly, it seemed like the support dropped out from under me and I was in free fall. This was an incredibly ecstatic feeling, plummeting toward the surface of the Earth at great speed. I can well understand why people get excited about skydiving.

I was in free fall. But I wasn’t responding to Earth’s gravitational field. There was a call of some kind. I was being pulled somewhere where I was needed.

I completely gave in to this pull. I wasn’t aware of the Earth rushing up to meet me. I seemed to have my back to it. I felt an upsurge of excitement and exuberance, an odd sense of remembrance, as if I’d done this before (I couldn’t recall when, though).

And then I arrived. I was in the hi-rise condominium of a client of mine who lives in a large city hundreds of miles away. He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

I landed in his living room. Immediately, I became aware of a strong emotional radiation that permeated the place: frustration and anger. I heard words in my head: “I can’t believe that I have all this money and no one listens to me. They don’t do what I tell them. Or they do it wrong. They don’t even really know how to do their jobs. All they want is my money. What kind of service is that?  The worst are the craftspeople. They don’t listen when I tell them what I need them to do” and so on.

I didn’t see me client, although I’m sure he was there. The point was that I needed to pick up on the general emotional ambience of his life.

I was in human form. But then I dissolved myself. I turned into pure energy and rushed down into one of the electrical outlets. Instantly, I was distributed through the entire wiring of the place. My awareness completely surrounded every room.

I realized then that I wasn’t in an actual condo, but what could best be described as the world view of my client, his mental living space, as it were. What I’d done was expand my consciousness so that I could fully comprehend how he views the world.

Once my consciousness was distributed through his mental circuitry, I saw a window or portal open up in the center of the condo’s living room. On the other side was a past-life scene.

I saw a bright blue sky, cloudless, which I knew to be Italy. The time was the nineteenth century. The view was of a marble veranda in an old Italian villa. Between pilasters wound with grape vines, I saw green gardens down below, full of brightly colored flowers.

I never saw my client. But I could sense his presence. He was a Victorian English gentleman, a merchant, very wealthy, on holiday in Italy. It was the height of the British Empire. He was used to giving orders and being obeyed, absolutely and without question.

In his present lifetime, my client had been born poor and had worked hard to achieve his wealth. The motivation to do so had been driven by the past life. There was a sense of entitlement from that earlier lifetime, the source of his expectation of being obeyed. But people are different now.

I understood that the frustration and anger he was feeling was creating a hormonal imbalance (too much testosterone) that was feeding the prostate cancer. The life lesson that the cancer was meant to teach was, in part, that he needed to recognize the source of his feelings of entitlement in the past life, stop trying to reduplicate the experiences of that lifetime, and learn to negotiate with people in ways that didn’t produce so much frustration and anger.

I reconstituted myself out of the wiring or my client’s world view and blipped back up to where my Mentor and fellow students were waiting. The Mentor nodded his head, as if to say, “You’ve got it.”

Once again a call came and I went into the same ecstatic free fall. This time I ended up on a street in what I believe was London.

I saw a street lined with old red brick row houses and a couple of working gas lamps, as in an historic district. There was no one about.

I didn’t last there very long. Something about the ambient light bothered me. It seemed to be early morning. But shouldn’t it have been darker?

I blipped back up into the presence of the Mentor. He looked at me and said (in nonverbal communication), “You didn’t get where you were going. You were on your way to a person.

“First, you were still thinking about what you learned about your client. That’s why you ended up in England.

“Second, the light seemed wrong to you because you knew that it was the middle of the night in Boston, where your physical body is. Actually, you were five time zones away. The light you saw was correct for the local time.

“Reacting to this kind of apparent inconsistency is a minor issue of flexibility of consciousness. With practice you should be able to adapt to it.

“People are usually easier to work with when they’re asleep and dreaming. But you’ll get used to dealing with them even when they’re awake.

“It’s simply a matter of adjusting to the greater speed and force of thought that develops when people are awake. You’ve got to work quickly to insert yourself between their thoughts to impact them in useful and beneficial ways.

“More of their thought tangles may be in evidence, including black and white thinking. And there may be a higher level of emotional noise, which can take some getting used to.

“Screening out such noise is not all that much different from reading without distraction while sitting next to someone who’s listening to music through headphones with the volume jacked up high enough that you can hear it. As long as you don’t react to their emotional reactions, you’ll be able to accomplish your mission.”

For our next mission, we were all preparing to descend together. But I was having trouble maintaining the state of consciousness I was in. I kept going out of phase with the rest of the group, as if we were playing music together and I kept performing my part a little before or after the beat.

I got another message from our Mentor: “Don’t worry about it. You’re not used to operating from this focus. It doesn’t create problems for us. Just do what you can with us for as long as you can hold your focus.”

Once again I felt the ecstatic sense of free fall, of being pulled down to Earth on the basis of someone’s need. But instead I ended up in my physical body. I woke up, feeling a need to pee.