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The Dark Crystal (Physical Body, Astral Vision)

AC 312: December 10, 2008 (Boston)

At my Wednesday night psychic development class, I realized that the brownie I’d seen was connected with the smoky quartz crystal we pass around after our check-in.

I bought this crystal at a rock shop in Montana in 1982. It’s called a morion--deep black, not translucent. It’s about five inches tall and three inches across. The faceted end appears to be sealed off by powdery encrustations of other minerals, including yellow and red ochre. The owner of the rook shop said crystals like that were found in the area, embedded in the roots of old trees growing in sandy soil when the trees blew over.

I’ve used this crystal for years in my classes as a place for people to dump out any heavy thoughts or emotions that might stand in the way of the psychic work we were preparing to do. The closed facets would prevent such energy from coming out of the crystal, once placed there, as it was going around the circle. When it came back to me, I would clear it by sending whatever negativity had been dumped into it down a grounding cord into the center of the Earth.

I began teaching psychic development classes in the fall of 2002. The first group met every two weeks. We passed the crystal around at every meeting.

About May of 2005, I noticed there was a being inside the crystal. I was surprised. While I’d always considered the crystal to be a power object, I’d never felt it was alive.

Several years later, my guide Charles commented that objects that are deeply loved or used ritually start to show up on the astral plane. They can be perceived by nonphysical beings, and may look to them like an empty birdhouse, an attractive place to live.

By now, two groups were using the crystal. Each group met twice a month, on Wednesdays. So the crystal was being passed around the circle once a week, which must have increased its luminosity on the astral plane and called in a prospective tenant.

Apparently, this tenant’s function was to make sure none of the negative energy poured into the crystal leaked out on its way around the circle. I still cleared the crystal when it came back to me, noticing a number of odd effects in the next few years.

When one or more of my students was going through hard times, the crystal seemed filled to capacity when it got back to me. The entity inside was evidently able to take in and hold more of their heavy energy than the rock could on its own.

Sometimes, using astral vision, I noticed one or more other entities inside the crystal--so-called negs shed by class members. Usually, I saw them as black slugs made of tar. They had enough life in them to attract more of the negative energy that brought them into being--anger, frustration, fear, hatred, depression, and so on--but not enough to influence the thinking of their host.

On the evolutionary scale, such slugs hold a position between thought forms and full-fledged negative entities. An ordinary thought form is like a solar panel. It attracts energy of the same type that created it, growing stronger. At a certain point, it develops self-consciousness. If our thoughts wander in its direction, it tries to hold them there. That’s the slug stage.

Slugs have enough intelligence to guarantee their own survival, but are incapable of independent thought. If we feed them with obsessive thinking, they become self-aware enough to direct our thoughts.

Slugs are swamp-like and sticky. It’s hard to get away from them, easy to get entangled in them. If they accumulate enough energy, they might become, or attract, a more intelligent kind of neg, capable of creating serious emotional disturbance.

When slugs showed up inside my morion crystal, they seemed to be effectively contained--no doubt with the help of its tenant. Getting them out again sometimes proved to be a challenge.

My groups often envision a green-gold light that represents what Charles calls the master intention: Let everything be done in service, for the greater good of all, as an expression of life purpose, and getting closer to Source. When I needed to clear the crystal of slugs, I visualized the green-gold light and imagined it sluicing out the inside of the crystal. The slugs might cling to the inside surface of the crystal, but the green-gold light always dislodged them. They would drop down the grounding cord and disappear into the core of the planet, to be recycled into more positive growth-producing energy.

Once, I had to deal with a more potent neg, which spread itself across the inside of the crystal like a cat that refused to budge. But it was powerless against the green-gold light.

The odd thing was that whenever I emptied the crystal, I saw a landscape inside it. That became my sign that it really was cleared of negative energy.

Sometimes the landscape seemed to be contained within the crystal. At others, it seemed to open out onto another world, like a portal.

The landscape was usually a grassy plain with gently rising low hills and occasional outcroppings of bare rock. It was always twilight. I never saw other beings there, not even the tenant of the crystal. The light was an odd combination of black and green, as in the mineral olivine.

I thought of this landscape as the fairy realm. It was probably some part of the astral plane. It was still and quiet, also a little eery.

Once, I saw a medieval walled city in this landscape. Though well-kept, it seemed empty of inhabitants.

In 2008, I started a third class. I told the group about the being in the crystal. Charles has said that the fairy folk appreciate gratitude for the work they do, so I asked them to consider thanking the being before they passed the crystal on to the next person. By the time it came back to me, the being was ecstatic, practically jumping for joy.

By now, the crystal was beginning to demonstrate healing powers. One member of the new group could feel muscular tension he had been carrying in several parts of his body drain away as he held it.

I began to notice that the being was not always inside the crystal when I got around to clearing it. After last Sunday’s visit from the brownie, I knew why. It was the same being. It had acquired enough strength to be able to enter our world through the crystal.

This had apparently been going on for some time before I noticed it. I hadn’t made the connection because I always felt the presence of the being inside the crystal without ever actually seeing it. Curiously, the squat coffee-pot shape of the brownie’s body was a little like that of the crystal, though larger.

As the identity of the brownie and the crystal being dawned on me, I realized that it was tethered to the crystal. It could only move within a certain range, a circumference of maybe twenty or thirty feet.

I immediately understood that this ability to roam sets up a larger magnetic field or sacred space around its home. The aura of any deeply venerated object is established and maintained in this way, creating the sense of holiness as we approach it.

Charles has said that one function of devas is to hold together the physical and astral forms of objects, thereby bringing both planes into closer association. On the physical side, this allows the object to last longer, without decay. It also awakens our inner senses to the astral plane, becoming a portal.

If beings from that side can step through such a portal to this side, the opposite must also be true. I haven’t explored this possibility beyond the glimpses I got of the landscape inside the crystal.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere surrounding the physical object seems purified, holy. The astral plane is more perceptible there, and brings us a step closer to the Source.

I begin to see a method of working with devas within the stages described here. First, the home is prepared. A physical object is used often enough in a sacred way that it begins to light up on the astral plane.

Second, a prospective tenant shows up, one of the fair folk, perhaps a brownie.

Third, a mutually beneficial interchange develops. In this case, we offloaded negative emotions and energies, and the brownie held that energy until we disposed of it properly, preventing it from doing any harm to others.

Fourth, we offer gratitude and keep the brownie’s home clear and clean, an attractive place to live, respecting it as a sacred healing object. In return, the brownie expands its range. It grows in strength to the point of not just bridging the physical and astral planes, but being able to move freely from one to the other.

The result is an enlarged atmosphere of spiritual purity on the physical plane. The space around the brownies home takes on the same sacred, healing qualities.

Brownies are supposed to be associated with cleanliness. Folk tales tell of their doing the housework at night while humans sleep.

This housework isn’t physical. Brownies clean the emotional and mental atmosphere, which can get cluttered with feeling and thought forms, leading to distraction and decreased productivity.

It’s easy to see the good brownies would do living in proximity to a family. In my case, they provide psychic support for the spiritual family of my students.

I’m even more sure now that the being Kevin saw was of the same type, checking over the group he was in as a possible family to adopt. I’ve read recently that tree spirits don’t travel far from their hosts. So the greater mobility of the entity he saw is perhaps another indication of its being a brownie.