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A Deva Moves Into My Apartment (Physical Body, Etheric Vision)

AC 304: October 25, 2008 (Boston)

Using etheric vision, I’ve recently noticed that the cloud mesh protection system that a sylph showed me how to create in January, and which I’ve been periodically renewing since then, has been taken over, or replaced, by a deva. The deva is using its body to provide my apartment with spiritual protection. This action is sometimes referred to as overlighting.

One of this morning’s dreams told me that the deva was attracted to the place because there was something it could gather in for its own growth from taking on this protective role. The deva feels--and in the dream appears--to be motherly and caring, but utterly alien as well. Not harmful, just strange.

The dream says that this is one element of the new phase of my growth. It seems a little strange that I would find solitude in my apartment under the protection of this alien being preferable to human contact.

I understand now why a horror story I read recently really made my blood run cold. It was “The Beckoning Fair One,” by Oliver Onions, in which a writer goes insane under the baleful  influence of an old house in which other artists have died. He was under the impression that a beautiful spirit lived there and would show herself at any moment. Strange to say, the story so upset me that when I finished reading it, I had to call my mother, which gave us both a laugh.

The story, however, made me aware of one of the dangers of coming under the protection of a deva. There is an otherworldly attraction to the atmosphere of my apartment. But enjoying it doesn’t need to be exclusive of ordinary human warmth, one traded in for the other, as in that story.

Relationships between humans and devas have a certain fascination. Folk tales are full of warnings about how people who are susceptible to such a fascination can lose their grip on human life, as if their souls were stolen by fairies.

This new relationship is not the same as that I enjoy with my nonphysical spiritual teacher or his other students, Athena and Mark. It feels more like a work relationship, in which we’ve been thrown together for a while, sharing time, energy, space for purposes of our own that are nevertheless mutually beneficial.

I don’t know what kind of deva this is. It looks to me like a creature I saw for the first time last summer in Ohio, a hummingbird moth, though much larger.