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The Bliss Place (Causal Body)

AC 319: January 27, 2009 (Boston)

No dream images this morning, just a sense of having gone to the bliss place I visited yesterday and hanging out there. This time I come back with the feeling of having been with my true family. This must be the level at which my nonphysical support team hangs out--fellow students and our spiritual teacher. If so, then it must be the upper levels of the mental plane, which is where Leadbeater says students and their teachers meet.

Here is what he has to say about the second subplane of the mental plane (counting down from the uppermost):
The souls living on this plane have wide opportunities for growth when freed from the physical body, for here they may receive instructions from more advanced entities, coming into direct touch with their teachers. No longer by thought-pictures, but by a flashing luminousness impossible to describe, the very essence of the idea flies like a star from one soul to the other, its correlations expressing themselves as light waves pouring out from the central star, and needing no separate enunciation. A thought is like a light placed in a room; it shows all things round it, but requires no words to describe them. [Charles W. Leadbeater, The Devachanic Plane, 1896, reprint (Adar, Madras, India: Theosophical Publishing House, 1971), 122.]
Most of humanity hangs out on the third subplane, which is the highest heaven they’re able to achieve between lifetimes. Leadbeater calls this “the most populous of all the regions with which we are acquainted, for here are present almost all of the sixty thousand millions of souls who are said to be engaged in the human evolution” (114).

Yesterday, I thought I may have been on the buddhic plane, but it seems more likely that I was on the second subplane of the mental plane. The heavily traveled road of the third subplane ended and I was on the other side of the gate that lead to the second.

My friend Carl has been visiting what he calls a group house on the mental plane, in which he encounters a number of advanced students. Alice Bailey calls such an association an ashram. It may be that yesterday’s and today’s adventures were an attempt to locate where on the mental plane such ashrams may be encountered.

Leadbeater calls the first subplane “the most glorious of the mental world.” It has “few denizens as yet from our humanity, for on its heights dwell none other than the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion, and their initiated pupils” (122). This too would be an ashram, but only of the most highly advanced students.

I felt very loved and supported when I awoke from my stay in the bliss place, wherever it was. I was deeply rested and recharged, even though I awoke quite early, after only five hours of sleep.