Music and the Soul: Contents

Table of Contents for Music and the Soul: A Listener's Guide to Transcendent Musical Experiences.



Part I: Music and the Soul

Chapter 1: Transcendent Musical Experiences

Chapter 2: Music and the Soul

Chapter 3: The Secret Influences of Music

Chapter 4: Music from the Human to the Ethereal Realms

Chapter 5: The Serpent Power and the Yoga of Sound

Chapter 6: Building a Continuum of Human Potential

Part II: The Yoga of Listening

Chapter 7: The Yoga of Listening

Chapter 8: The First Center: Arousal

Chapter 9: The Second Center: Desire

Chapter 10: The Third Center: Intensity

Chapter 11: The Fourth Center: Expression

Chapter 12: The Fifth Center: Well-Being

Chapter 13: The Sixth Center: Command

Chapter 14: The Seventh Center: Expanded Consciousness

Chapter 15: The Eighth Center: Cosmic Consciousness

Chapter 16: Preparing for Transcendent Musical Experiences

Part III: Music of the Soul

Chapter 17: Listening as a Spiritual Practice

Chapter 18: Good Music Versus Bad Music

Chapter 19: Spiritual Teachers in Music

Chapter 20: Wagner the Seer

Chapter 21: Celestial Symphonies: Bruckner and Mahler

Chapter 22: The Would-Be Mystics: Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern

Chapter 23: The Sometime Mystics: Busoni, Hindemith, Stravinsky, and Bartók

Chapter 24: The Achieved Mystics: Scriabin and Messiaen

Chapter 25: The Evolving Mystics: Stockhausen and Rautavaara


Chapter 26: Achieving Transcendent Musical Experiences


Bibliography of Works Cited