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First Afterdeath Encounter with Barbara (Astral Plane)

AC 220: April 4, 2003 (Boston)

Last night I experienced my first contact with Barbara, the ex-wife of a close friend, since she passed a few days ago, at the age of 48, after a five year battle with breast cancer. She seemed to have no awareness of who I was or what I was doing for her. I experienced her as suffering intensely from the unexpressed negative emotions she died with. These were strongly in evidence: fear, vanity, and stubbornness.

The fear was the worst. She came to me begging desperately for deliverance, extremely shaken by fear. I had some trouble aligning myself with her so that I could effect a discharge of this fear through my own body. When we were properly aligned, I felt a lightning-like jolt pass through my body on my bed and awoke from the impact of the shudder that went through me, from head to toe.

Afterwards, I felt sad. I realized that I could only take on and release a part of what she was suffering from. I understand that discharges such as the one I was making myself available for require that I be feeling the same emotion that the other person will be discharging through me. Thus, I could do something about her fear, but not the vanity or stubbornness.

I’m not sure that I was able to release all of the fear, either. There seemed to be a lot more of it than of the other emotions.

Given the rocky history of our relationship, I wonder whether she would have allowed me to do this if she’d known who I was --or whether at some stage in her afterdeath sojourn she’ll recognize or interact with me, if I should happen to visit her again. She had no recognition of me beyond the fact that when she cried out for help someone had responded. I awoke from the experience at 3:45 A.M.

I don’t know whether Barbara’s request for deliverance was directed to me as a communication from her to me, specifically, or to anyone who could help; or whether it was simply my telepathic reading of her need. I suspect the latter. She didn’t seem to be especially conscious of herself as anything other than her suffering. What I heard was something like: “Can you do something about this?” or “Can you take this away from me?”