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Emissaries from Other Realities (Upper Mental Plane, Causal Body)

AC 243: March 4, 2005 (Boston)

A visit to an area of Otherwhere that I have never been to before and didn’t know existed. I’ll call it the Administration Zone.

I was in a waiting area, like the lobby of an office building. I was waiting for an interview with someone about a friend I was concerned about, who was deeply depressed.

A female presence came to meet me. I seemed to recognize her, although I also knew that my contact with her had been infrequent.

Her form was only partially human. She had two arms and two legs, was somewhat shorter in stature than average. Her head and face were the most strikingly nonhuman aspects of her.

She had dark hair, cut short, like a business woman’s. But her skin was leathery, lizard-like, though seemingly Caucasian in hue. Her teeth were very big--not so much sharp as wide and shield-shaped. When she smiled, her thin lips parted to reveal this wall of teeth. The effect was disconcerting.

“Now, Mr. Leland,” the woman began, “I’m the representative from Placement Services most directly connected to your case. Please come with me to my office, where you can share with me all of your thoughts about your friend.”

Despite the slightly alien cast of her face, and her business-like and no-nonsense demeanor, she exuded a sense of compassionate understanding. I couldn’t tell whether she was a Facilitator, Overseer, or something in between. I was a little nervous in her presence, but trusted that she would hear what I had to say.

We crossed the lobby and passed the large desk of the secretary--clearly a Gate with a Gatekeeper. We entered an area of offices. When we got to my guide’s office, she sat down behind her desk, indicated a chair where I could seat myself, and asked me what the problem was.

As I communicated my concerns, the Placement Services Representative listened attentively. “Well,” she said when I was finished, “it’s pretty clear that the basis of your friend’s problem is that he doesn’t know why he’s there, in physical reality, in human form, and on Earth.

“If he knew what his mission is, he would have a framework for developing himself on a number of levels, possibly leading to a more resilient personality and centralized internal authority. The purpose of your visit is to gain access to this information and relay it back to him.

“The first thing that you need to know is that I’ve been directly connected with your friend and his development right from the start. I’m part of his support team in nonphysical reality.

“Although you are of basic human stock, your friend and I are not. I’m from the same reality system and consciousness framework that he is, and I’ve been through the human incarnational cycle. Therefore, my communications with him, at least theoretically, should be a lot less frightening than those from our point of origin.

“Second, I appear to you with reptilian features to remind you of certain consciousness experiences that your friend has told you about. He believes them to be memories of his original form in the reality from which we both come. Actually, the reptilian features have nothing to do with our appearance or the shape of our consciousness in our reality of origin.

“These features were perceived as part of a message that didn’t get through as we intended it. That message was an attempt to get him to see that the highly reactive nature of the reptilian brain, underlying the consciousness of all who incarnate in human form, distorts our ability to communicate with him.

“All nonphysical, nonverbal, nonphysical communication takes place as a result of a merging of energies. Merging energies requires a relaxation of personality boundaries and defenses.
As a first-timer, he’s often overwhelmed by the sheer emotional volume of human experience. He has developed strong defenses against it. Thus, any attempt from us to merge consciousness with him is rejected by him and leads to defensive behavior, internally and externally.

“Ironically, if he were to know his mission, he would be centered in his true identity and would not feel so threatened by our attempts to communicate with him.”

So, my interlocutor was an Emissary, an alien consciousness form that had chosen to participate in the human incarnational cycle. I had seen her up until this interchange as a mere functionary in the administrative hierarchy of Otherwhere. But now I could see that we were both on the same side, as it were, deeply concerned with my friend’s growth and well-being.
I felt grateful to know that he has a support team on the Other Side.

“Come with me,” the Emissary said, rising from her desk and taking my hand. We passed instantly out of the office and into another area of Otherwhere.

I couldn’t make out where we were or what the function of this area was. Somehow, it seemed sketchy and unformed. I only saw various shapes and colors, laid out like a foundation. This foundation appeared to be relatively stable, even though I could see right through it.

“This sub-zone of the Afterdeath Zone is presently under construction,” the Emissary explained. “When completed, it will function as a Healing Institute for nonhuman consciousness that has chosen, for whatever reason, to incarnate in human form.

“What you see as the divisions between rooms in that ground plan represent divisions into further sub-zones. Each ‘room’ will house the souls of a different species of nonhuman consciousness. The idea is to create a dimensional warp in the fabric of nonphysical reality so that the energies of each nonhuman consciousness’s home plane are full present here, contained by energy walls that will keep it from bleeding into the others or into the areas reserved for human consciousness.

“Deceased Emissaries can come here to be recharged with feelings and memories connected with their home plane. They will have been altered enough by their presence in human form not to be able to go home directly or immediately after death. And their consciousness structure is yet so different from that of other humans that it requires a separate line of development in the Afterlife--one that fully honors the hybrid nature of this consciousness.

“So, a sense of home within the human Afterdeath Zone, created by a dimensional warp that connects this sub-zone with each Emissary’s home plane, is exactly what’s needed to stabilize and heal an Emissary in preparation for another lifetime in human form. Your friend is one of the first generation of trainees, so to speak, who are intended to take up roles as Facilitators in this Healing Institute.

“So far, he has succeeded in his mission better than he knows. He has survived immersion in human form without completely forgetting who he is or where he comes from. His consciousness structure is very strong, but not quite strong enough yet to complete the mission, which requires him to become a fully functional human being--which is to say, to be happy.

“If he’s able to master that lesson in the present lifetime, he’ll be able to take on the role of Facilitator in the Afterlife immediately, after death. If he remains miserable, he may need a lifetime or two more to complete the lesson.

“The whole setup of his life is something of an experiment. Under ideal circumstances, is it possible to marry human consciousness and nonhuman consciousness in a fully functional way in a single lifetime?

“He’s doing much better than he thinks in gathering together the people, techniques, and symbols necessary to achieve his growth. But not knowing the reason for it all has often made it difficult for him to keep going. Maybe things will change once you’ve passed along this information to him.”

“I don’t doubt that,“ I said. “I do have one question, though. Why is this Healing Institute under construction now? I would have thought it was needed long ago.”

“There have always been occasional adventurers in consciousness who have sought incarnation in human form. They have come from a variety of reality systems and have often required many lifetimes to recover their identity.

“Because the human population is growing so quickly, the souls needed for the burgeoning number of bodies have to come from somewhere. Recruits and volunteers from other reality systems have been showing up more regularly.

“Just as your country developed special services for immigrants when the population of Spanish-speaking people reacher a certain point, so it is with us in the Afterdeath Zone. The problem has always been how to bring in the recruits and volunteers from other reality systems without losing them in the intensity and confusion of human experience.

“Your friend is part of a new wave of such pioneers, who are attempting to set up--first within themselves, then for others--ways of maintaining their identity while adding the benefits of human consciousness development to their already existing abilities. Certain kinds of artistic creativity are typically human and have no analog in the experience of some types of nonhuman consciousness. This is one reason why your friend is so fascinated with the creative aspect of human nature.

“Because the organization of human consciousness appears to be looser and more random than that of more highly developed nonhuman consciousness, it often seems like something to scorn. But this very looseness and randomness allows for unprecedentedly original modes of organization when they are put to use in creative ways.

“That’s the advantage for nonhuman consciousness of incarnating as a human being--if only the recruits and volunteers can survive the deafening inner chaos that prevails before the lessons of creativity and consciousness development are linked and applied.

“Share what you’ve learned from me with your friend. Hopefully, at some point, he’ll be able to communicate more directly with me or other members of his support team. Farewell for now.”

With this farewell, I awoke, at about 5:45 A.M.