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The Lightning Rod Effect (Causal, Astral, and Physical Bodies)

AC 273: June 16, 2007 (Boston)

An adventure in consciousness in which I was used as a lightning rod for the discharge of negative emotion from the Other Side. It has been quite a while since I’ve had this experience. It was like nightmare, and I felt slimed afterwards. But my spiritual teacher was there to protect me.

My consciousness watched what was going on with detachment. I looked down on myself from above, from my cuasal body. I saw that my astral body, still connected with my physical bodu, was embraced by my spiritual teacher as I slept--enfolded in and protected by his energy, which I interpreted visually as an embrace. I could also see my housemate, asleep in the next room, despite the wall between us.

The emotion released through my astral body and into my physical body was fear of financial ruin. I sensed that two people who had died recently were able to discharge their money fears through me before I was able to break the spell and wake up. I was separated from my physical body, so I couldn’t move it.

I felt helpless, unable to resist as the fear coursed through my astral and physical bodies, as if I were being held down and preyed upon. I can see why some people might interpret such an experience as vampiric.

Even though the beings who were releasing their fear were locked onto me while the discharge took place, they took no energy from me. The flow of energy was out and away from them, through me, and into physical reality.

Despite my detachment from the physical body, I could feel it twitching in bed while the release occurred. Wherever I was storing the fear of financial ruin in my own astral and physical bodies, it was being loosened up and pushed out, along with my fear of the dead people.

They were both male. They felt desperate, up against a wall, unable to move in any way to change their condition (or so they believed). They probably had committed suicide over some personal financial crisis.

I’d been visiting a friend earlier in the evening. She’d been dealing with this fear. I could tell that the entities in question had originally attached themselves to her. As we talked, her mood brightened up--they'd moved over to me.

Since I went through a period of financial worry over my housemate moving out and hadn’t fully discharged it, the entities came home with me--perhaps because I would know what to do with them, however unpleasant. I awoke from this experience at 1:15 A.M., having gone to bed about two and a half hours before.