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A Guide on Her Rounds (Astral Body)

AC 274: July 23, 2007 (Molly Stark State Park, VT)

A Guide stopped by--possibly Athena--while making her rounds, to check in on me, just before I awakened. She embraced me. I realized that I’ve often encountered on her these rounds. But this is the first time I let myself become fully aware of her presence.

While embracing me, the Guide did something funny to my energy field, tickling it, as it were, to see whether she could bring me into full lucidity so we can chat. But I said no and pulled away, waking up immediately.

Apparently, I’ve needed a rest from adventures in consciousness, after having so many earlier this year. Maybe next time this Guide comes by, I’ll let myself be pulled up to her level of consciousness and we can talk or go exploring on the higher planes.