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The Mushroom Fugue (Causal Body, Lower Mental Plane)

AC 266: March 14, 2007 (Boston)

On the mental plane with a Facilitator/Guide. He was showing me the originating thought form of the fugue, a vast structure that looked like a mushroom.

Each gill of the mushroom represented another fugal technique. When I focused on it, the gill opened up into a whole world of possibilities I could wander about in as if it were a three-dimensional landscape. When I withdrew my awareness from it, the landscape would contact back into a gill

The Guide showed me how I could create a unique fugal landscape by pulling simultaneously at two or three gills at once, such as: four voices, double fugue, with inversion. The three landscapes projected out from the mushroom and overlaid each other seamlessly.

This new landscape was full of contours, pathways to explore, and object-like shapes that posed challenges or apparent obstructions, requiring me to find ways to pass over or around them. The feeling-tone of the landscape was curious, solid but not defined, full of all sorts of possibilities for play and creative choice, but a little somber, or at least serious, like a twilight landscape.

This landscape was electric, inviting, compelling, dreamlike, as in a creative reverie. There was almost an obsessive quality to it, in figuring out the details and getting to the other side of it–the finished fugue. It was a shape, in the sense that Charles has been developing lately in the monthly class.

Once again, when I stepped outside of the shape, it shrank back into its three component gills in the mushroom.

“Isn’t that cool?” says my Guide with great humor and enthusiasm. [Only later did I realize it was Mark, who is a senior student of the higher nonphysical teacher I study with.]