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A Brownie Visits My Class (Physical Body, Etheric Vision)

AC 311: December 7, 2008 (Boston)

While doing the opening check-in at my Sunday psychic development class, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. I shifted my focus of consciousness to the etheric body to see whether I was picking up on the presence of one of the fair folk.

A strange-looking being had joined the group, sitting on the floor in a gap in the circle. Its body was like an old-fashioned coffee pot, maybe nine inches high, with a suggestion of a nose where the spout would be, eyes on either side, no neck. It had long spindly arms and legs, several feet long, two of each, twiggy and spider-like.

The being was the color of shadow. I sensed that its appearance allowed it to move between the shadows of objects and remain concealed. I thought of it as a brownie, and seemed to recall having seen a picture of something like it in a children’s book many years ago.

A couple of years ago, my friend Kevin attended a group therapy session and felt that a similar being came up the stairs of his therapist’s home to join the group. He thought of it as a baby tree spirit. But I wonder whether it was of the same type as the one I saw, because of the twiggy arms and legs.

The creature attending my group sat for a while with knees upright and arms on knees. I became absorbed in what was going on with the group, and didn’t see what happened to it. The next time I checked on it, it was gone.

I must admit that the idea of such a creature slinking around in my apartment was a bit unnerving. It didn’t seem at all menacing, just somewhat alien. I wondered what its purpose was.