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Deva of the Dead Computer (Physical Body, Astral Vision)

AC 310: November 20, 2008 (Boston)

I bought a new computer yesterday, with help from my friend Alan. The hard drive on my old Dell computer, which I’d used for seven years without a problem, crashed the night before. It could no longer handle programs that required greater memory size and processing speed. Loading it up with Windows Service Pack 3 sent it over the edge.

I tried several times to revive it, but couldn’t get it to reboot. The good thing is that I’d backed up all my crucial data a few days earlier. If I lost any work, it would take at most a couple of hours to retrieve it.

I called Alan to tell him about the situation. He offered to loan me his laptop and see whether he had an old computer at his business he could give me. When he came over, we found a great deal for a new system that would fulfill all my needs at Microcenter, so we went to the nearest store and picked it up.

Between my call to Alan and his arrival, I took a walk to clear my head. That’s when I decided that the best course of action was to buy a new computer.

Using a practice called “Dissolving Thought Forms,” I put an image of the old computer on a flower pedestal, closed the flower to signify that I was done with it, and dissolved the flower, as a sign that I was ready to let go of thoughts, feelings, and energies associated with the computer. A huge amount of life force was released, which was no surprise given the number of hours I must have spent working at my computer over the last seven years. I took this life force back into my energy field.

Usually when I do this practice, which takes place on the astral plane and requires the use of astral vision, there’s some residue left over, like ash or slag. This time there was a rainbow-colored energy being, about the height of the computer tower (eighteen inches). It stood there looking at me, blinking its eyes in surprise, with an expression like a kid caught without clothes on, thinking “Oops, I’m naked.”

I was equally surprised. A deva had been living inside my old computer. No wonder it lasted so long and never needed to be repaired.

I’d read somewhere about devas working with machines, but it never occurred to me that something like this was going on in my own house. I offered the deva my gratitude, hoping that it would stick around and enter the new computer, acting as its guardian for however long I would need it.