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Deva of the Dark Crystal (Physical Body, Astral Vision)

AC 317: January 25, 2009 (Boston)

After the first of the year, I began to sense some changes in the morion crystal I pass around in my psychic development classes. It’s a very dense stone, weighing a couple of pounds. Suddenly, it felt much lighter. The surface of many of the facets is rough with ridges. It now felt smooth and silky.

I noticed that people began holding it differently. Formerly, the idea was to place your hands over the broken off end of the crystal, which seemed like an opening. Then you would pour any negative emotions or energies that might prevent you from doing the best and clearest work in the group into the crystal through your hands.

Now, people were holding the crystal along the sides, or turning the pointed end toward themselves, as if they were receiving something from the crystal, rather than emptying something into it. I asked my groups to tell me what they were noticing. The consensus was that the crystal was radiating a loving healing energy that hadn’t been there before.

It still had the power of collecting unwanted emotions and energies from class members, but it now left a blessing behind. I continued to clear it when it came back to me, still feeling the twilight landscape inside or on the other side of the crystal.

However, there was a different, higher class of being in charge of it. The brownie that I encountered last month was gone. In its place was an angel-like figure.

Using astral vision, I saw this figure as having a beautiful, shining, human-like face, not rounded, but angular. There was an acquiline nose, high cheekbones, a strong jaw. The hair was straight and spiky.

I was reminded of a figure on a tarot card, the Five of Swords in the Ryder deck. The figure in the foreground is gathering up some swords that have fallen on the ground, perhaps after a duel. I must have been picking up on the function of the new tenant of the crystal--to gather up the negative thoughts and feelings that wound ourselves and others.

The figure on the tarot card is looking after two other figures with an equivocal expression that could perhaps be interpreted as Schadenfreude over their misfortune. One appears to be in deep grief, the other approaches as if to comfort him. The figure with the swords watches.

There was nothing equivocal about the new tenant of the crystal. I sensed directness, power, authority, compassion, a high level of intelligence, passionate intensity, and an eery purity that posed a challenge--perhaps to achieve a higher standard of emotional self-care or less tolerance for indulging in negative emotional reactions, such as resentment.

Now I need to add a further step to the outline sketched in TW 312. At some point, a brownie may have prepared a sacred object or space for a higher tenant, a deva, to move in and take responsibility for it.

I feel honored by the upgrade, as it were. But I wonder what will be expected of me or my groups to continue to deserve this form of service from beyond. When I tune into it, I feel too nervous to want to communicate with it directly. I’m in awe of its power, its passionate intensity about emotional and spiritual purification.