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Dream Zone Interstate (Astral Plane)

AC 316: January 25, 2009 (Boston)

A memory of moving from one dream landscape to another. I was walking along a highway like an interstate through a green but otherwise nondescript landscape. No cars. I passed several exit ramps leading to overpasses. These were possible entry points into dreams. I passed over (overpassed) the opportunities they offered.

At a certain point, the landscape began to close in around me. There were walls, a roof. I was walking down a hallway toward an exhibition hall. I began to encounter various dream characters. I was now fully within a new dream.

The interstate is an apt image for being between states. I was lucid, but would soon enter a dream and lose my lucidity. The nondescript landscape was a part of the astral plane, envisioned as a plain. I was moving from a public area (public thoroughfare) to a private area of the Dream Zone, reserved for my personal dream work.