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Downloads from the Causal Plane (Causal Body)

AC 314: January 10, 2009 (New York, NY)

I rode down to New York City on the bus with Kevin. He wanted to come to the choir concert where my prize-winning piece would be performed on Sunday. His plan was to stay with friends in Brooklyn, but at the last minute they were unable to accommodate them. So he stayed with me, at a hotel near Times Square.

We got to the room about 11 pm. There was road construction block away until just after midnight, making it difficult to sleep, even though we were on the 13th floor.

Every time I started to drift off to sleep, some new noise would startle me awake. I ended up in the state Robert Monroe calls mind awake/body asleep. From that state, I experienced two adventures in consciousness.

The first was the beginning of an OBE, occurring between 3 and 4 am. I felt the sensation of the bottom of my consciousness dropping out as I fell through. On the other side of this feeling, I was blind, paralyzed. Some being came and sat on me. I tried to fight it off. Very unpleasant.

Later, I realized that this being was the thought form associated with past unpleasant experiences in the City, and fears and anxieties about returning there for the first time in ten years. I had to break down and release this thought form in order to remain in the City comfortably for the next several nights.

I’ve sometimes spent a whole night in a half awake state in order to break down an old experiential template and establish a new one. Acting as a lightning rod for bad memories, fear, and anxiety associated with being in New York was the breakdown phase.

At another point during the night, I discovered a bliss layer in my energy field. I would reach out to it, make contact, and pull it into my chest, allowing the bliss to permeate my consciousness and body. The connection would gradually fade away and my mind would move on to other things. Then I would recall that I could access this bliss layer and reach out again.

The sensation of contact with “the bliss place,” as I decided to call it, reminded me of adventures in consciousness experienced several years ago. In one, I felt droplets of amrita, the nectar of immortality described in yoga, dripping down my throat (AC 230: February 23, 2004), with a corresponding sensation of bliss. That adventure was involuntary. It happened to me I know not how. But the present adventure was voluntary--I knew where the bliss place was and could get there by an act of will.

When I awoke in the morning, I remembered five dreams. Each dream provided me with a new way of looking at New York. This was also the number of times I reached for the bliss place.

I was apparently going to the causal level of my energy field and receiving downloads of information--new templates. I experienced these downloads first as bliss, then as dreams. The dreams allowed me to unpack the contents of the downloads and turn them into images my ordinary waking consciousness could understand. This information would allow me to stay in New York without feeling oppressed or ungrounded, as I often have on past visits.

I must remember how to reach for this bliss place so I can explore it more deeply.