Otherwhere: Summary

Otherwhere: A Field Guide to Nonphysical Reality for the Out-of-Body Traveler was published in 2001 by Hampton Roads Publishing Company. I wrote the book in 1992. But it took me nearly a decade to find a publisher.

While the market for books about astral projection seems to be saturated with information about how to get out of body, there's little material on what to do after having become proficient. I give prospective out-of-body travelers some idea of the “scenes, dwellers, and phenomena” they might encounter while out of body, especially if they come across the nonphysical reality that I call Otherwhere.

Because Otherwhere exists outside of space and time as we understand them, the rules that govern its inner workings and appearance are rather different from those that prevail in the physical reality with which we’re familiar. In a word, they’re quite “other.” For example, in Otherwhere, thoughts or feelings create our experience more or less instantly. Furthermore, when we encounter a being of light, that being may appear like an alien or an angel--but its true reality is determined by its function.

I’ve come up with a neutral vocabulary to describe these beings and their functions. For example, a being whose function is to guide the out-of-body traveler is a Guide, one that enables some process of learning or growth that we might be watching or participating in is a Facilitator. The purpose of this neutral vocabulary is to help prospective astral travelers understand experiences in Otherwhere that may seem to have religious or science-fiction-like overtones without becoming afraid of them or confused over what they might mean about oneself or the universe.

Some of my out-of-body journeys have taken me into areas of Otherwhere associated with the Afterlife. Several chapters of the book describe what I learned during a Grand Tour of this portion of nonphysical reality.

The Guides, Facilitators, and other beings that I come across during my adventures in Otherwhere often explain characteristics of this nonphysical reality that a prospective traveler might find perplexing. They also provide techniques my readers might use--such as launching themselves into Otherwhere from lucid dreams--to initiate their own explorations of this fascinating realm.