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XX. Selected Articles from The Hollywood Theosophist (1930)

Published monthly from Hollywood, California for one year. Edited by Annie Besant and M. R. Hotchener. Source of an article later reprinted as part of the Adyar Library Pamphlet Series.

[Omits most columns, reviews, obituaries, letters, correspondence, filler, and reprints; favors items longer than three pages. References are to volume and page number. In January 1930, Besant split The Theosophist into The Adyar Theosophist and The Hollywood Theosophist. They were merged back into The Theosophist in January 1931. January items continue pagination from The Theosophist. The new Hollywood Theosophist pagination begins in February. For items from The Adyar Theosophist, see listings for 1930 in Selected Articles from The Theosophist (1889-1947).]

1930 The Higher Life. 51:395 (January 1930).

Notes from Dr. Besant's World Congress Address. 51:469 (January 1930).  [Unrevised notes of a lecture of 1902.]

Theosophy and World Problems. 1:111 (February 1930).

Right Civilization. 1:199 (March 1930).

You Create Your Own Future: Deeds and Their Consequences. From New India Weekly, 1930. 1:656 (August 1930). [Reprinted in 1935 in Adyar Pamphlet Series, no. 195: Discipleship and Some Karmic Problems.]

Symposium: The Geneva Conference. June 29, 1930. 1:753 (September 1930).

Symposium: Closing of the Congress. 1:777 (September 1930). [Autobiographical.]

Understanding. 1:837 (October 1930). [Lecture at the London Convention of the TS, July 5, 1930.]

Occultism In Daily Life. 1:932 (November 1930). [Theosophical Congress, Geneva: June 30, 1930.]

Yoga: Science of the Mind. 1:1010 (December 1930). [Unrevised notes.]